Manicure Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Manicure explained:

If your dreaming about getting a manicure done on your hands means that your feeling good about yourself. Its possible that all your hard work is now paying off.

May symbolize polishing and refining something you are working on.

Giving a manicure to someone with dirty, broken or worn nails is a sign of being on the quest to complete some project or meet some goal. However, as indicated by the nails being in a state of disrepair, not all is as it seems. In order to meet your objectives, you may have to betray the trust of someone you care about or love, leading to the formation of major rifts in the relationship.

Dreams about manicuring your hands, whether you are having them done professionally or doing it yourself, are a happy sign predicting satisfaction and being able to take care of yourself, especially if the dreamer is a woman. By having something nice done for yourself, your subconscious is showing that you are able to satisfy your needs through your own abilities, namely through your intelligence or winning personality.

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