Marijuana as drugs

Marijuana as drugs Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Do you have a need to escape reality? Do you want a break away from the normal day to day life? These dreams are hinting at us to explore our consciousness or to wake up and stop living in a dream land.

Dreaming of smoking Marijuana means that you need to escape from the daily stresses of life. If you smoke weed in real life and dream about it suggest that you come to terms with your problems. If you smoke and its a bad feeling suggest that you are afraid of loosing control of your life. If you are selling weed in your dream means that you want to take the ease off people close to you.

Seeing heroin as a symbol in the dream world, whether you are using it or just buying it, is probably not as literal as it may seem. Conjuring the image of heroin is linked with your interactions with someone who struggles with addiction. However, this individual may not abuse heroin. Rather, it is possible they have serious issues with another drug even if it is legal, like smoking or drinking alcohol. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you have a tendency to tiptoe that fine line between right and wrong, leading you to engage in activities which may be morally and legally dubious, but accomplish your ends much faster and more efficiently than taking traditional routes.

Envisioning yourself trying marijuana in the dream world could predict ruin and disaster if you were to partake in the substance in reality. This vision suggests that trying marijuana in wake life could have terrible and long-lasting effects on multiple areas of your life. For example, you could face criticism and judgement from those you are close to, especially family members and long-term friends. Additionally, you could experience financial troubles if this type of recreational drug became a habit.

May symbolize escaping from responsibilities.

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