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To dream about Men and women inside bathroom explained:

Dreaming of bathrooms, represents how we feel about ourselves inside and our instinctual urges. If you see a filthy bathroom, represents that you are behaving badly and need to correct it. You have to change your ways because people are noticing. You may want to look at ways you can clean up your act. If your bathroom so happens to be tidy and clean it symbolizes that you are classy person that is heading in the right path. You are very organized and don’t need any help from others. If you have trouble finding the bathroom it suggests that you building up your emotions and can’t release it. If you end up in the wrong washroom, signifies that you have went to far in a situation and it was noticed.If you are in the stall and people can see you represents your insecurities. We tend to get these dreams if we did something in the past we are not happy about, or we are just unhappy about who you are. When you are actually going to the washroom whether a #1 or #2 it symbolizes letting go of somebody that was causing unwanted stress in your life. This is a good dream symbol that let’s you know that you got rid of a bad situation. Basically you finally found a “release”.

Inside where? Look at your surroundings and what it represents to you. It means that you have to pay attention to what is going on at home. Others the dream means that you need to look within yourself and figure out who you really are.

Observing men hard at work in a dream is a favorable sign indicating success in a current project, business activity or undertaking. This dream vision speaks for itself, and it is you and the people around you working together and making a concerted effort to reach your collective goals in pursuit of a better future for everyone involved. Apart from that, the image of men sweating it out in the dream is a clear indication that you are in excellent physical shape due to your commendable health habits.

If you are a man and you dream of a box, for example when you are shopping and you stumble upon a box of shoes that you did not notice before while roaming through the aisle, it could be a reflection of your attraction or romantic inclinations towards a woman from lower social strata than yours in reality. This could refer to the woman's poorer background than what you usually look for in a partner. This realization may challenge your beliefs and you should probably examine what your non-negotiables are when choosing someone as your significant other.

Having a dream concerning a dirty bathroom, whether you are in it or just see it in passing, indicates possibly being burdened with caring for a sick, disabled or elderly person and experiencing feelings of revulsion or annoyance at being required to do so. Just as a dirty bathroom must be cleaned for health and sanitation reasons, so does this dream point to having to do something disagreeable for the sake of others. This situation may be the result of karma if you have been prideful, narcissistic or selfish in the past.

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