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To dream about Milking a cow explained:

If you dream that you are milking a cow in a farm means you could be milking somebody close to you. Was anybody around when you where milking the cow? That would help you understand who you need to ease up on. Milking can also represent that you are the one being milked! If you watch somebody else milk the cow means that you are the one being taken for a ride. Make sure you are careful of the ones that surround you.

Dreaming about seeing or standing next to a red cow indicates possible fire incidents in the near future. It could happen at home or at work, which could mean losing things of great value, or God forbid, losing lives. Before it happens, you might consider fixing faulty electric wires and ridding your house of highly combustible materials stored in places which could burst into flames or become deadly traps if the unthinkable event happens. You might want to recommend the installation of fire safety kits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers in strategic places in your office building. The costs of such installations might set you or your company back a bit, but you would rather invest in safety measures than lose everything at once in a fire.

Milking a cow in a dream is a promising sign indicating the high likelihood of receiving a huge inheritance. It could also mean acquiring something which has long been hoped for, such as a material possession or a romantic relationship. On the other hand, seeing someone else milking a cow in a dream is a literal symbol of your desire for simpler and uncomplicated rural living. You are most probably fed up with your urban existence, and now you may be longing for a peaceful and quiet life in the middle of arable land surrounded by domestic animals.

Having a dream about looking for and eventually finding a cow which has gone astray or has been separated from the herd portends the grim possibility of experiencing difficulties and hardships in a current undertaking. It could take some time to be able to completely overcome the obstacles, but that is exactly the point. This dream vision is a lesson in patience and perseverance. There are things in life which only time can heal or make right.

To dream about seeing a brown cow is symbolic of a sweet reunion with good old friends. You would have the opportunity to meet up with elementary or high school classmates or old buddies for a long-awaited get-together. Such an occasion would bring back happy memories as well as set forth plans for meaningful projects in the future.

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