Mirror Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

This dream has to do with inner reflection. What is it do you see and feel in the dream? Dreams of this meaning can change depending on the context but for the most part symbolizes intellect. To many dream experts they say it represents a magical meaning, almost like the knowing mirror.

Rear-viewWhen you use rear view mirror to see it implies that you cannot let go of your past. For whatever reason, you are holding on and cannot seem to let go. You do not seem to realize it is history and you cannot go back in time. You should learn from the past and realize that you have to work towards the future but live in the present.

Having a dream where you are utilizing a mirror for some specific purpose, such as for putting on makeup, finding something out of reach, or looking at who is behind you, usually means you are soon to be involved in a wedding or other associated event. For single people, it suggests getting married in the near future, while for married people, it represents attending the ceremony of someone you are close to.

Dreaming about looking at or finding a broken mirror in a vision is an ill omen predicting the passing of someone close to you, most likely a family member or relative. This death is likely from something sudden and unexpected, like a fast-moving disease or fatal accident, which would be a major shock to all those associated with this person. Seeing a broken mirror also means experiencing major difficulties and challenges in your life, leading to agitation and sadness.

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a mirror, either a small handheld one or a larger looking glass, is a negative sign that indicates experiencing sadness. In particular, lost mirrors portend feeling sentimental or regretful over certain aspects of your life, most likely due to your lack of skill or knowledge in dealing with recent changes in your life. This is especially true if you life seems to have taken a turn for the worse recently.

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