Nazi Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To see a Nazi in your dream, represents an evil and merciless force that cannot be reasoned with. You feel that others are putting you down. If you are a Nazi sympathizer, then the dream has the opposite significance.

May represent oppressiveness.

Nazis have become synonymous with evil and destruction due to the horrific acts they committed in history. As such, dreaming that you are a Nazi general likely reflects your grim and pessimistic disposition. The recent events and news about terrorism and a general sense of rising violence globally may have affected your worldview in a negative way. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to rationalize the senseless violence you read about or see in the news which is why you cast yourself as the villain in the dream. In a sense, surveying the aftermath of London's destruction may be synonymous with your efforts at understanding the roots of terrorism and violence in general. In doing so, you can be better prepared and more vigilant when you are confronted with the worst side of human nature.

Dreaming of a dark period in history can be a result of consuming too much of the similar content from the Internet, TV and other forms of media. Perhaps Hitler has been at the forefront of your consciousness because the articles and videos you have been reading and watching are either directly or vaguely associated with him. The idea of immortal beings often represents a sense of powerlessness and futility in dreams, especially if immortality is embodied by other characters in the dream and not yourself. In a sense, you may feel like evil personalities are rising from the dead because of the current sociopolitical climate not only in your area but globally as well. This sense of impending doom may be taking root in your subconscious thus conjuring fantastical and disturbing images in your dreams. Our psychological disposition often has the power of influencing our worldview, so perhaps if you see yourself as an agent of change rather than a mere spectator, your dreams could also depict a more hopeful and optimistic scenario.

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