Nervous Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

The dream that you are anxious about things it means that you are uncertain about things.

May represent waking life nervousness, fear or anxiety.

Having a nervous breakdown or someone else in your dream indicates that you are worried about something. You may need some more information or understanding into a situation. However, before you do anything you need to first trust yourself.

The winding road in your dream represents a time of difficulty and emotional turmoil. Running at high speed means you could be actively avoiding a problem or responsibility. Your inability to control your speed could likewise be a warning of an imminent downward spiral or emotional breakdown. In addition, reaching the water without a dock in sight alludes to your sense of hopelessness and tendency to wallow in negative emotions. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to get you to acknowledge early signs of anxiety and emotional turbulence in order for you to seek the help and support you need during the difficulties you are currently facing or about to face. Alternatively, your dream could imply that running away is not a feasible solution to your problems.

Jumping in dreams suggests taking risks. The higher you jump, the bigger the risk you take. Naturally, as depicted in your dream, your anxiety builds up the higher you jump. Such that the nearer you get to the clouds, the bigger the fear of crashing to the ground. This fear of falling reflects a fear of failing in reality. The greater your achievements, the more pressure you have to contend with to perform your duties and responsibilities. Are you perhaps due for a promotion? If so, this dream reflects your reservations of taking on a bigger role for fear of ineptitude. This dream vision reminds you to take control of your fears instead of letting them get the better of you, because the more you allow your fears to dominate you, the less effective you would be in performing your tasks.

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