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Doors and Doorways - Is the door open or closed? An open door may represent new opportunities or your willingness to be open to new ideas or you may be entering a new stage of life or personal growth.

A door translation can change depending whether if it is open or closed. These are doors you open or close on an unconscious level, hidden deep within you. If a door is open its a very positive symbol and if the door is closed it usually negative. Sometimes doors have to close for others to open up.

Dreaming that you have the use of one eye implies that you views and the way you handle things are very one sided. You tend to see things in only one aspect and not examine different views.

For expecting parents or couples who are interested in starting or extending their family, buying or installing a new door could predict happiness for their endeavors. This means that they would be blessed with a bundle of joy in the near future. In many cases, this symbol is associated with male children. This is especially true if the door was being put in the dreamer's own dwelling, whether it is a house or an apartment.

Visions that center around the image of a stove or oven door, such as forgetting to close the oven door when cooking something or closing a door to a wood-burning stove, are often interpreted as negative symbols in the dream universe. They reveal the possibility that there is a fire hazard lurking somewhere in your home, place or residence or other building that you frequent. The source of the problem is likely due to negligence on your part or someone else using the space. For example, it could be fire alarms with dead batteries, poorly maintained cords and outlets or hanging clothes too close to an open flame.

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