Offering a pack of cigarettes to mother Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Offering a pack of cigarettes to mother explained:

you may be preparing for a change in life.

If you are a woman, your mother or mother-in-law may be representing an aspect of yourself that you need to examine more closely.

May symbolize a desire to make peace or restitution with someone or with some situation.

Dreaming of making and offering indicates that you are repenting for things that you have done in the past. Otherwise it just means that you are giving up something that means a lot to you to benefit yourself or a situation.

Buying cigarettes in the context of a dream vision suggests you are soon to be deceived or swindled, meaning someone is likely to take advantage of you. This situation may not be initially devastating but could cause much distress and difficulty over time, especially if the wrong is not redressed in a timely manner.

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Offering a pack of cigarettes to mother

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