Orchard Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Orchard explained:

May represent abundance.

Seeing orchard trees surrounding your house is an indication of addition to your family or the family of people who are very close to you.

To dream that you are walking through or seeing a fruit orchard symbolizes a blissful married life. A loving spouse, a growing brood of adorable kids, a pleasant home and the entire family in the pink of health and secure in the love of each other's company, not to mention blessed with material wealth, are what makes your life worth living for.

The image of an orchard that has been circled or closed off by a fence, whether it is a traditional white picket fence or something more modern and sturdy, may reveal the presence of envious personalities or vicious rivals who seek to do you and your reputation harm. These individuals would do all in their power to wreak havoc and cause trouble for you in reality, making you waste time trying to put out the fires they so gleefully start. You may consider this vision a warning to be on your guard and avoid getting in the way of their mischievous nature.

Seeing the yellow, gold, red and brown leaves of an orchard in the autumn season could be the manifestation of your reality. You may be about to end a certain period of time in your life, either a period of growth like childhood or middle age, a course you were taking or a dedication of time and effort like a profession or hobby. In some cases, this same image is associated with the end of long-term relationships or loves, although whether or not this is because you want to be free or because your partner is moving on without you is unclear.

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  2. A blooming orchard - An orchard in full bloom is an auspicious symbol connected to relationships and interpersonal connections. If you were walking through the orchard with someone, your feelings for each other could grow... Learn More!
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  10. Cutting an orchard clear - The act of cutting down the trees in an orchard with the intent to clear it all could have two possible interpretations, depending on your situation in reality and the other symbols in the vision. Som... Learn More!


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