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To dream about Other people catching crabs explained:

Seeing a large number of crabs gathered together in one place is often thought to indicate an upcoming situation where you would have to lie your way out of or avoid some trouble you have caused. In most cases, this would be because you have failed to finish some task given to you by your superiors or because you do not have the knowledge or experience to follow through with your promises. If you do not mend your ways in the future, you may find there are economical and social costs to not being able to do what you say you can.

A dream in which you see yourself catching lice portends negativity. It is an indication of periods of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily.

Catching mice alive, such as in a cage or luring them to an improvised contraption, means you would have to suffer the consequences of your thoughtless decisions. The trap or act of catching the mice actually represents your own mistakes and folly because you refuse to acknowledge the warning signs of a questionable venture or a dubious deal. Once you get into this situation, you are trapped. As such, you have no other recourse but to take stock of your situation and learn to deal with the repercussions.

Catching rats in dreams, for example with a mouse trap, points to the presence of a formidable foe in reality. You could be manipulated by this powerful and controlling personality because you are scared of being hurt or humiliated. This individual's power and influence over you may be a major stressor in your life. As such, catching the rat represents your ability to overpower this person using your wit and strategic moves. Since you cannot win by sheer force, it may be more prudent to use your intellect.

Chasing and catching a cat in your dreams is a good sign that all your plans and dreams are about to come true. It can also mean that you are about to meet a person who will eventually become your soul mate and someone who's concerned about your personal welfare.

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