Overcrowded hospital Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Overcrowded hospital explained:

A hospital in a dream may symbolize physical, mental or spiritual health related issues and healing.

Do not give up on your health. The dream indicates that you feel that you are weak and unable to do anything to maintain your body.

Being inside a hospital that is filled to the brim with patients and staff could predict the onset of war or armed conflict. The increase in the amount of injured and maimed can be imagined easily based on the picture painted by this vision. The military operations or fighting that is likely to take place may occur relatively close to you or could affect an unusually high percentage of your friends and family both directly and indirectly.

Exiting a hospital in a dream vision, especially after having been cured of an illness or taken care of after an accident, is often interpreted as a positive sign in regards to conflicts or rivalries you may currently be experiencing. More specifically, this symbol suggests that even though this person or group has been trying to ruin your plans and turn others against you, you are likely to be victorious in upcoming disputes. Additionally, exiting a hospital can also mean overcoming existing health problems, leading to a healthier and happier life.

Seeing a hospital in a dream vision, whether you see it as a building or just subconsciously aware of its presence, points toward an upcoming christening that you are likely to attend. This could be of a child that is related to you or the child of a very close friend. Additionally, hospitals are generally considered to be positive signs in relation to personal health and wealth, indicating success in your endeavors and good luck in matters which are not directly under your control.

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Overcrowded hospital

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