Paint Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Paint explained:

What color is the paint? Dreaming of paint represents your feelings. Try to understand the color and how it relates to your emotions in your life. If you are mixing paint then you are learning to incorporate different characteristics into your personality. If you are painting something in your dream it signifies victory in a new venture or you should share your creativity. You are being rewarded for your originality and visions. The dream could also mean that you are renewing you’re the way others perceive you or your outlook on things.… Or are you trying to hide and cover up your flaws? If someone else is painting for you it implies that person or someone they represent is hiding something from you. Now, if you’ve smeared your clothes from the paint it indicates you are very sensitive to dream that paint to condemnation by others whether it is positive criticism or not. If you see a painting, the dream implies you know you have a creative side but you need to express it.

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