Parents scolding you Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Parents scolding you explained:

May symbolize power, authority, or discipline.

When you dream of your parents it indicates strength, love, protection and guidance. Are you worried about your parents or becoming a parent? You might hope to be like your parents when you become one or you are worried about losing your parents.If your parents die in your dream it suggests a change in your connection with your parents.

Dreaming about step-parents or being adopted by a couple portends sadness, periods of disappointment as well as troubles which will bother you for some time.

Dreaming about your parents scolding you or talking to you in a preaching tone means that you are too sensitive to the opinions expressed toward you by others and fall prey to people criticizing you, without any grounds for them to do so.

If you had a dream about losing your parents unexpectedly or because of some tragic events it means that you will need to rely on somebody's help and assistance for quite some time.

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Parents scolding you

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