Picking coins from a river bed Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

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The calmness of a river in your dream indicates your movement, enjoyment and relaxation in life. You are mellow and just allowing life to take its course. You should try and decide what you want in life so you could be more controlling of what happens in it. Taking a bath in the river symbolizes cleansing of your emotions, mind and spirit. If you dream of crossing a river it signifies that you are going to overcome an emotional block in order for you to progress. If water in the river is rough or muddy it represents you in distress and feeling overwhelmed. Your emotions seem to be going haywire along with your life. Instead of hiding from the problem, tread through the waters and just keep swimming until you overcome it. If you see red in the water it symbolizes feelings of inexperienced rage or intimacy that is ready to let loose.

May represent choices and decisions to make.

New, recently minted coins, when seen in a dream vision, symbolize unexpected financial gains. This means you are likely to receive some extra money or other material assets from an unusual or unexpected person or place. This could be in hopes that you pledge loyalty to a certain cause or for no reason at all.

Having a dream about old, collectable coins, whether you own them or just see them in a museum, predicts having to deal with tedious and busy work. These time-consuming tasks, such as filling out paperwork, running around from place to place, and answering endless emails, are likely to all be in the pursuit of some goal you are currently working toward. While you may not have anticipated such small, meaningless activities originally, they are necessary and inherent to this project.

Envisioning coins made of metals other than silver and gold, such as copper, steel, and so on, is an ill omen associated with disaster when traveling or when away from the safety of your home. Metal coins usually represent a sign of physical danger, such as a shipwreck, plane crash or vehicle breakdown while traveling.

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Picking coins from a river bed

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