Planting a garden Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Planting a garden explained:

Are you planting in a garden, is it barren or fruitful? If you dream of a fruitful garden then whatever idea you have executed in your walking life is working well for you and you are going to go far with it. If you are planting something in a garden then you are either burying your past or ready to see if your plans would work out. If your garden is full of flowers this is symbolic of peace and love. If your garden is barren and full of weeds this represents your ignorance to your life and what has been happening around you. You are bringing yourself down.

Planting a tree in your dream signifies becoming wealthy. The source of this wealth is related to inheritance or property acquisition from your relatives or immediate family.

Having a dream about planting bamboo shoots often is a negative sign. It could reveal that your current perspective, opinion or discourse about something is not coming across clearly and as intended. That is, it could be that your thoughts are not being clearly expressed, received and understood. Such mismatch between your intention and your expression means it could be used against you or to your disadvantage.

Taking care of a garden and growing your own flowers is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming challenges or a difficult problem. However, you should not worry, as this sign also suggests you are able to rely on your intelligence and experience to find a wise, efficient solution which would clear up everything quickly and easily, letting you get on with your life with minimal disruption or stress.

Dreams with the imagery of planting a future garden are reflections of your tendency to daydream or preoccupy yourself with plans and ambitions which are most likely nonviable or have slim chances of becoming materialized. By indulging in these fantasies, you could be taking away from your real goals, plans and things to accomplish.

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