Prayer Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Prayer explained:

May symbolize seeking guidance or assistance.

To dream that you or someone else is hearing a prayer, like when you hear a person solemnly praying after a confession to the priest in a chapel, could be a sign of approaching misfortune which can be avoided only if enormous efforts are made from your end. It may be a hint for you to ask for help and support from people who are close to you if you usually keep your problems to yourself. Sometimes, it would not hurt to ask for a lending hand as those around may be also wanting to show you how much they care about what happens to you.

Having a dream that you are saying a prayer in general, for example when you receive a good news in the dream and you utter a quick prayer of thanks, could indicate that there is something you want or something you want to be given to you, but which might never materialize in reality. It would be good to exercise some patience towards this dream so that you could enjoy the process of having it realized at the right time. Sometimes, the journey matters more than the destination itself.

May symbolize feeling lost and seeking guidance.

Your dream carries mixed messages. On the one hand, meeting the old man in your dream is an indication of the good vibes coming your way. It symbolizes an existence that is characterized by warmth and happiness. On the other hand, someone asking you for money bears negative connotations. It usually suggests upcoming unfortunate events which may eventually lead to squandering away your assets and property. Essentially, your vision illustrates the double-edged nature of generosity. If you go too far and prioritize the well-being of others above your own, you may end up on the losing end.

Dreaming of hands pressed together in prayer, whether they belong to you or to someone else, is usually indicative of being in the thick of problems that are difficult to solve. These issues need to be taken care of in order to move on to another duty. Palms forced together are also a special sign for doing your best and giving your all to a certain cause or task, leading to a happy and fulfilled existence.

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