Puppies multiplying

Puppies multiplying Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A plethora of puppies oftentimes may represent the possibility that you will interact with individuals younger than yourself. This dream may be the result of a didactic lifestyle that you live. If you are the role model to at least one younger person, the puppies in your dream may be the manifestation of your care for that person. A dream full of puppies may also represent the many facets of a young person's personality, most likely these belong to those you are mentoring.

Seeing double of an object in a dream vision or watching an object multiply is symbolic of thoughts and desires becoming reality. In this case, the white puppy predicts positive circumstances for you love life, meaning you are likely to meet a highly suitable partner or that your relationship with your current partner may be strengthened in some way. While you may have only hoped for such a situation until this point in your life, it is very probable that you can experience a major improvement in your romantic life.

Being licked on the feet means you are in a position of power. Meanwhile, dogs oftentimes symbolize family members and close friends. So, in the context of your dream, there is a likelihood that your loved ones or friends would seek your advice regarding a problem or an important decision they are currently or soon would be facing. These personalities are fiercely loyal to you and value your opinions. Your subconscious may be reminding you to be responsible with whatever advice you give because of these people who depend on you.

Feeding puppies in the dream world often means people consider you to be very reliable, self-sufficient and goal-focused in waking life. Your friends, family and peers probably have much respect and admiration for you because of these personal character traits. You are also likely a good role model for those younger than yourself as feeding puppies in a dream is usually symbolic of outstanding mentorship abilities.

Puppies alongside their mother often signify a sexual attraction to a woman who is clingy and may oftentimes greatly resemble your mother. This dream may be you subconsciously acknowledging that this woman may be the providing member of your partnership, or at the very least that you rely on her greatly. For women, this same dream represents the possibility of meeting a young suitor or lover that piques your interest. It may foreshadow that the suitor or lover will need a great deal of attention.

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