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Seeing a purse in your dream symbolizes close and personal thoughts. Pay attention to what is in the purse and the condition of the purse which will represent your mental state.… If the purse is empty you are emotional and unsure of yourself.If you lose your purse it implies that you have lost a sense of who you were once. On the other hand, finding a purse means that you have started a new chapter in your life.

In waking life, your purse or wallet carries your means of identification, your license, your money, your credit cards and other valuable and important possessions. In dreams, your purse or wallet may represent any or all of the following:

Losing a purse in a dream is an ominous sign that you could become a subject of admonishment, harsh treatment or even grave threats by people or institutions you are indebted to but have so far been unable to repay. Since you are still incapable of repayment given your present situation, you could be afraid that your creditors or lenders might take more drastic actions against you, and this unnerving thought could cause you enormous amounts of stress.

Dreaming about seeing or having a small women's purse indicates that an important secret or mystery has been divulged to you recently and you are in a position where you could gain access and be privy to even more undisclosed information or knowledge. This vision could also represent a world of illusions and false perceptions that might be lingering in your mind. But your imaginings could actually come true and could even prove beneficial to you.

Losing a purse in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a negative sign predicting owing someone a debt but being unable to repay them when asked to. This could be related to money, such as loans or credit, which means you may not be able to fulfill your obligation to the lender, or this could be related to a favor someone performed for you that you feel unable to return for some reason. In either case, your difficulty apprehending the thief in your vision suggests this situation may persist for some time.

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