Race Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Race explained:

Dreaming that you are in a race signifies your nature to be better than others. It could also mean that you need to slow down or speed up in order to complete your tasks. If you lose the race it suggests that you are overwhelming yourself with ambitions that are unattainable. If you win a race it implies you are applying yourself so that you would reach your ambitions. You know you are going to be successful and you are not letting anything get in your way.

May symbolize the ability to move forward toward your goals in a swift manner.

Dreaming about observing yourself being the winner in a boat racing competition could translate the strengthening of a love affair. The person whom you are interested in, in love with or dating will start dedicating their affection to you. They would lose interest in any other contenders or adversaries. They would be extremely attracted to you and remain loyal. The relationship would become exclusive.

Being at a funeral or other family gathering in a park during a dream vision could reveal some negative changes taking place in your life. You would need to make tough choices or decisions which would put you in a bad situation. However, not doing so could lead to even worse repercussions. Envisioning yourself as an unplanned, unwanted child could be the manifestation of your desire for help and support during this period. You may be unable to directly vocalize your requests for some reason, possibly because of embarrassment or concern about inconveniencing others. It would be wise to seek help when it is needed so that things do not progress beyond the point of no return.

Your interaction with the men of differing races in this dream could suggest entering a happy, fulfilling period in your life. It is likely your position in life would improve to some degree. For example, you may move to a new house or get a promotion at work. You would be very pleased by this enhancement and likely motivated to continue working hard. This change of pace is likely to be followed by some other extraordinary event, as the symbol of your boyfriend's sudden disappearance predicts. This subsequent happening could be either positive or negative in nature. It would probably be closely related your reaction and work ethics after the first change.

Your dream indicates that at one time you had great hope for your future and may have been close to achieving all of your goals. For some reason, however, you may now be stagnating and frustrated with your lack of progress. Diamond rings usually refer to wealth and blessings, but yours was broken, and you were trying to fix it in the dream. Symbolically, this could mean you are taking the necessary steps to get back on track, but you may not have found the right way to fix things yet.

Fighting with a male figure that you seem to be unfamiliar with suggests you are about to enter into a new, happy phase in your life. There are likely to be many changes for the better, such as moving house, starting a new job or meeting a new romantic partner. Making up with this person, however, indicates that at least one of these happy events is likely to not be as good as it seems on the surface, meaning you should not let your guard down, especially if something seems too good to be true.

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