Rain and lightning Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Rain and lightning explained:

Falling rain is symbolic of absolution or tears. However, if you get wet in the rain it suggests a fresh start and getting rid of your troubles.

When you see lightning in a dream it symbolizes drastic change in things. If you are hit by lightning it indicates that you are going to be shaken by transformation in your life that is beyond your control.

Having a dream about a warm rain is a sign of hope for the better, it can also mean good harvest for farmers or those depending on growing their own food.

Dreaming about a weak rain is an indication of giving excuses for your actions which may have negatively affected someone's life without you realizing it.

Hearing or seeing quiet rain in a dream, for example rain without lightning or winds is a promising sign of additional income and profits for those who farm or garden. These dream may also be telling merchants, artists and craftsmen about periods of unrest and unsettling circumstances interfering with their activities.

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  8. Wind with rain - Wind accompanied by rain, whether it is a light rain or a full on thunderstorm, suggests major complications in your life that would encompass all aspects of your existence, be it personal relationshi... Learn More!
  9. Rain in general - Dreaming about rain in general signifies tendencies to shut yourself down, alienate yourself from other people and make your presence less visible to others. This is usually an indicator of growing pr... Learn More!
  10. Torrential rain - Dreaming about torrential rain or thunderstorms is a sign of possible threats and negativity affecting you as a result of wrongdoing coming from someone very close to you.... Learn More!

Rain and lightning

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