Rainbow Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Rainbow explained:

A rainbow in your dream indicates good luck and prosperity. The dream means that you will experience happiness in your life and relations. If you see a white light rainbow, the dream suggests you have a good spiritual foundation.

May symbolize hope and optimism.

Seeing rain in a dream with a rainbow is a good sign of luck and happy life with some positive and favorable changes you are about to experience.

The sun and a rainbow in the sky, like a scene from a fairytale or the rainbow forming after a rain shower, is a very auspicious dream symbol that signifies blessings and good luck in all aspects of your existence. So career-wise, you may find a great opportunity for growth. In terms of friendships, you may find loyalty and support that you need. You may even become even closer to your family or your significant other which would make it easier to chart a path towards a brighter future.


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