Reach Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Reach explained:

When you reach for a person or something in your dream it indicates that you are missing something in your life. You want to fill that empty space that is causing you emotional frustration.

Dreaming about trying to contact someone via a phone and being successful in this matter is a positive sign indicating reconnecting with someone you have fallen out of touch with. This may be an old schoolmate you haven't spoken to in some time or a distant family member you used to be close to. Being unsuccessful in contacting someone on the phone, however, does not have the exact opposite meaning. Rather, it points to self-deprecating feelings or behavior. You may think you are unlucky when in reality there is nothing wrong or very few problems in your life.

Dreaming about being too exhausted to reach the shore while swimming, and without drowning, could symbolize delays. That is, you could soon experience some temporary obstacles and hardships. These could hinder the achievement of your objectives as well as postpone the completion of your projects and activities. In particular, you could expect to see the favorable resolution of your plans delayed or moved to some time in the future.

Not being able to reach the desired destination in a dream is highly symbolic. It suggests your friend is having great difficulties bringing his plans to fruition. The destination is the manifestation of whatever goal he is hoping to achieve, so this vision represents his futile efforts in making those dreams a reality. He may need to change his method for achieving those goals or abandon them in favor of more attainable ones.

Despite the intricate details of this vision, the interpretation is rather straightforward. Being in an apocalyptic situation in the dream world often portends similar developments in waking life. There could be a number of difficult changes on the horizon or a terrible catastrophe about to take place. Similarly, seeing your house in bad condition predicts some unfortunate circumstances coming about in the near future. However, none of these events are likely to affect you directly, as the image of the snow globe represents being an outside observer of the events taking place in the lives of others. Your friends or family may experience great challenges soon, but you would only need to sympathize with their pain, not share it.

Both white dresses and white flowers are symbolic of marriage and commitment. While this could be related to his feeling for you, it can also be the result of recent events, such as a friend getting married or visiting a church. Swimming across a river of honey can represent internal tranquility, meaning that things are not so difficult or hectic in his life at the moment. His subconscious is probably picking up on the happiness and wholeness that marriage brings and manifesting these in the images he saw in his vision.

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