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To dream about Reading while on the toilet explained:

If you are on the toilet suggest that you are in desperate need to release something that has been building up in you for a while now. It’s is also possible that you are going to let go of something that you no longer need you your life right now. This might be linked to your root chakra a possible for grounding or a release of pent up energy. What was the condition of the toilet? If it was plugged up it could mean that you have trouble getting rid of shit in your life. You need to rid yourself of negative energy.

May symbolize feeling the need to gather more information before making a decision.

A dream where you are reading suggests that you do not rush into things, find out more about the situation then go about your choice after thinking it through.

Toilet paper in dreams, such as buying it in a supermarket or seeing it in a bathroom, suggests minor inconveniences. This just means that you are going to deal with little annoyances in reality, but it would not last or go away on its own. For example, bad weather could delay appointments and flights or an uncooperative colleague could add stress to your work. This could also manifest at home when messy housemates refuse to clean up after themselves or do their part of the chores.

If someone is reading your palm it indicates how you actually want your life to be lived.

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Reading while on the toilet

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