Reflection Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Reflection explained:

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all. When looking at your reflection in a dream it suggests that you need to find who you really are. Stop looking at your physical attributes and pay attention to the person inside. Use your good qualities to work on your flaws. If you are not happy with your image then the dream represents how you want to look in your real life. If you realize that you do not see yourself in the mirror then you seem to be losing yourself in the world.

Seeing yourself reflected on the surface of a lake, perhaps after splashing yourself with the cool waters of the lake or as you stare at the glassy surface while cruising along the lake, means you would become acquainted with someone who would become part of your life. This person could become your best friend or a romantic partner. However, if the reflection is of someone else, someone you know in reality, then terrible things could happen to them and you would have to warn them about their bad luck.

To dream about seeing a reflection of the Moon on the water surface symbolizes dashed hopes and failed expectations. You could soon experience the most painful upset of your life brought to you by no other than the person you have expected to help you turn your life around. This dream vision is a warning that the person in question could betray you to advance his or her personal interests, and it does not matter whether you are in blood relations or both belong to a religion or organization which supposedly values loyalty and brotherhood above all.

Having a dream where you look into a mirror but are unable to see your own reflection is an ominous, grim sign pointing toward participation in dark plots. Specifically, this dream suggests that you may be controlled by or become the puppet of some evil force or corrupt organization, prompting you to commit crimes and participate in things you never imagined. This darkness is predicted to spread to those around you, those you love and care about the most, causing suffering and sadness. After experiencing this vision, you should seek the aid of God in ridding yourself of the shadows that surround you before it is too late.

Looking into a mirror and seeing your reflection just as it is, with no changes or unusual emphasis on any specific part, suggests you may soon receive an unexpected announcement or noteworthy information. This vision gives no clue whether this is welcome or unwelcome news, given the normal appearance of your body in the mirror image. However, this might mean becoming involved in some superficial task or time-consuming activity which would not actually challenge or better you as a person. Envisioning your own image in the reflection of a mirror may also indicate becoming ill, experiencing conflict with others, or being unsuccessful in some aspect of your current life.

Having a dream where you carefully inspect or scrutinize your image in the reflection of a mirror is often interpreted as a reflection of internal thoughts and feelings, usually connected with other people's opinions and critique of yourself. You may take what others say too seriously or are easily offended when others criticize your behavior. In addition, examining your reflection may also indicate that you care too much about little details of how you present yourself to the outside world to the detriment of other areas in your life. While being concerned with appearances and personal image you may project is important, spending too much time trying to please everyone does not allow much time for self-improvement or soul searching.

Envisioning a wolf whose eyes glow with the reflection of a candle flame indicates coming into contact with a wolf in sheep's clothing. This person is likely to carry his or herself as an upright, trustworthy individual who has high morals and good breeding. However, do not be fooled. They are more than likely someone whose true nature is the exact opposite of their appearance and should not be trusted at any cost.

You may be going through a challenging and demanding period. Your most ordinary expectations would prove to be wrong. Alternatively, you are receiving a lot of empty or unacceptable promises. Your subconscious seems to be trying to cope with such uncomfortable situation. However, its attempts have not yet succeeded. Such failure could be consequent of the existence of an inner or outer obstacle that is preventing you from making sound decisions, fulfill your desires or achieve your objectives. For example, you may tend to over-rationalize your each and every step. Moreover, dreaming about delayed mirror reflections could translate your tendency to make decisions after the occurrence of important events and of your lack of timing. You seem to be struggling with the coordination of what you plan and expect to happen with what is observed and happens. This could be responsible for your delayed or reactive decision-making process. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that you are trying and failing to take control of your life. You might benefit from temporarily suspending your attempts to control things and see what life brings as a result.

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