Rescue Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Rescue explained:

Rescuing someone in your dream represents traits in yourself that you are trying to save. You have hidden or suppressed certain qualities for so long that you have to try really hard to get them out now. Maybe you need rescuing by someone and you are afraid or too arrogant to ask for it. If someone was rescued from drowning it suggests that your emotional health is being saved.

May symbolize feeling the need for emotional, mental or physical assistance.

Dreaming about observing or being onboard of a rescue boat is symbolic of your resourcefulness. You could suddenly come across a difficult, feared or threatening situation. It could involve being the target of other people’s lack of respect, hate or hostility. The dream suggests that you would find a clever and sensible solution to your predicament.

Dreaming about observing or being in a sinking rescue boat usually is a sign of existing or looming adversity. If you have a circle of intimate and close friends, one of these individuals could soon start causing you great grief and disappointment. Thus, the dream could serve as a forewarning. Although you might be needing their support and friendship, you could still benefit from re-evaluating your relationship with each of them and try to learn more about their true feelings and intentions.

A dream wherein you are waving or trying to catch the attention of a helicopter and yet your cries for help are being ignored is an indication of your worrisome nature. You could be prone to making things seem worse than they are in reality. Perhaps overthinking also contributes to your worries and anxieties. Even if certain events and scenarios have not happened yet, you may already be thinking about negative outcomes and grim situations. More often than not, your worries may be unfounded and improbable anyway.


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