Ribbon Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Ribbon explained:

Ribbons are used to signify a lot of movements now a day. For example, pink ribbon for breast cancer. Therefore, judge the meaning of the dream by the color of the ribbon and what it stands for. Alternatively the ribbon could represent your feelings about being held back or tied down.

May symbolize putting a final touch on something.

Dreaming that you are lying in bed with someone is a symbol of strained relationships. In this case, you may soon have a falling out with your girlfriend which could last for a long time and threaten to break you apart. Ribbons are symbols of childishness and frivolity, so the cause of the problem may be something petty or inconsequential. Perhaps the petty fight is just the last straw and there could be other problems piling up between the two of you over the course of the relationship. Finally, being wrapped by this rope or ribbon reflects your helplessness about the situation. Maybe you feel like you are trapped or your girlfriend does not listen to your side or explanation whenever you have arguments. Then again, maybe the problem is that you have trouble being honest with her or opening up to her about your issues.


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