Riding a fox

Riding a fox Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A fox that seems particularly red in the dream realm may predict an upcoming encounter with a new, alluring female. While you may be drawn to her because of her beauty and charm, you should be on your guard because this woman is likely out to deceive or dupe you in one way or another. This vision becomes even more reliable and pertinent if you have recently become involved with someone in reality. You should take care and avoid taking anything this individual says at face value.

Envisioning a fox that has died, whether from natural causes or human intervention, is often thought to be a negative symbol related to unsuccessful ventures or poor choices. If you have been working on a problem or have been in the middle of a tough situation, it is likely the results of your actions would not help your case. Furthermore, if you were hoping to meet or reunite with someone, it is unlikely they would be able to do so, either because they physically cannot or because they do not have the same desire.

Specifically envisioning a male fox in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that your current lover, relationship or romantic interest is not destined to amount to anything special. While you may have had high hopes for a future with this individual, you are likely wasting your time, money and energy prolonging the inevitable. You may even be making the separation process more difficult by waiting to break things off.

A black fox is considered a highly nefarious symbol in the realm of dreams. Coming across one during the course of a dream vision predicts the spending of a large amount of money on something pointless or futile. While you may expect to gain great happiness, wealth or excitement from this possession, the effect of your purchase is likely to be much less positive than you expected.

A fox in this dream symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness. Dreaming about riding a fox means that you have mastered the art of ingenuity. Things would definitely take a turn for the better. You may feel that things are going your way because you have acted wisely and used the right tactics to get whatever you desire. Be prepared to embrace good tidings because you have been astute and making the right decisions.

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