Sanding an icy driveway Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Sanding an icy driveway explained:

The image of an icy covered forest in the world of dreams may refer to a tendency for self-deception or illusions of grandeur. You are probably lying to yourself about the prospects available to you at this time or what you can accomplish in a given area of your life. Being out of touch with reality is sure to have negative effects on your ability to get things done or work with people on the same task. Alternatively, this same symbol is occasionally associated with the beginning of new projects or responsibilities, although it is unlikely you would enjoy the duties you have received. This interpretation suggests you would find the work beneath you, making you resent those who you consider to be doing tasks worthy of your talents.

Bathing in icy water during a dream vision, whether you wanted to or not, is often considered an ill omen. It predicts some terrible series of events or unlucky occurrences maring the peace and calm of your current day to day existence. For example, you may find your once happy friendships are filled with conflict and disagreement or that your once enjoyable hobby has become more of a chore than a joy. Reclaiming the happiness you once felt may take some time, and it is possible you would not be able to completely recover from this change.

If you are dreaming of sanding an icy driveway, for example when a snowstorm buried your walkways in deep ice and you start sanding it to neutralize and cover the surface, it could predict of taking a role of being the mediator or peacekeeper soon in the waking life. You may need to show your diplomacy skills among your friends, family members or coworkers to resolve a deep-seated concern. Be just and ensure that you listen to all sides and everyone would appreciate your efforts in taking care of the situation before it escalates.

May symbolize a dangerous path.

May represent your drive or ambition.

Crossing an icy surface, like a road or a path, can have a positive interpretation if you seemed to be doing so successfully or without trouble. It means you would have peaceful, calm and fulfilling days for many months to come. If you are currently ill or injured, you would make a full recovery and feel better than you have in a long time. If for some reason you seemed to be having trouble crossing the ice, it does not mean your days would be chaotic or that you would become ill. Instead, it only suggests your happiness or recovery would be more limited or not as long-lasting.

Frogs, on their own, tend to be associated with coming of age or going through some sort of transformation, either internally or superficially. This is likely because of their similar change from tadpole to full-grown amphibian. Your instinct not to step on them, then, is spot on and very important because doing so could lead to bad outcomes in the next stage of your life. This seems to be the manifestation of your shift from single to married life, meaning you should be careful about making small mistakes which could negatively affect your upcoming nuptials.

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