Scissors Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Scissors explained:

You may need to cut something off that is bothering you. Scissors are sharp and snippy. Do you possess these qualities? Do you remember what you where cutting. If somebody else was using the scissors what where they cutting and where you a part of it?

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a pair of scissors indicates you are about to start or take on an assignment that is boring, difficult, and mostly a waste of time. Lost or misplaced scissors represent thankless tasks where the benefits do not outweigh the costs. If you experience this type of dream, carefully consider any projects you become involved with in the near future, especially in regards to their expected outcomes and the amount of time and effort they take to complete.

may suggest you need to cut something or someone from your life.

Dreaming about having a haircut for which the barber or hairdresser uses a pair of scissors instead of another haircutting tool such as an electric trimmer indicates higher chances of succeeding in life. Due mainly to your own efforts and contributions, the project or business you are currently a part of would take off and yield positive results, much to the delight of all members and stakeholders. From then on, your partners would mainly rely on you to keep the momentum going.

Dreaming about a lizard that has been cut by a pair of scissors could represent your internal determination to restore or improve your reputation within your social circle or community. While this could be a good sign which depicts your drive and perseverance, it would be wise to carefully consider which path (or paths) you take to do so. Otherwise, you may change your reputation in a way you did not intend or expect.

Dreaming that your husband was stabbed in the back can be an allusion to disingenuous friends or colleagues he or both of you have. You may have given your trust to someone who does not deserve it. In addition, scissors refer to cutting ties and losses. Your subconscious is advising you to let go of toxic and two-faced individuals because they are not only draining your energy, they may also be trying to sabotage the good things that are happening to you both personally and professionally. Growing older can sometimes mean choosing quality over quantity when it comes to your friends.

Cutting paper using a pair of scissors, to make confetti or for an art project, points to a possible confrontation with an influential personality. This individual's posturing and tendency to use lies in order to manipulate or impress others may irritate you to the point of actually criticizing this person publicly or face to face. Standing up to this manipulative and powerful personality could garner mixed reactions from friends and strangers alike. Some may applaud your courage, while others may think you are a bully.

Our clothing serves as protection and barrier from external elements. Clothes are supposed to protect our bodies from environmental threats. They can also represent modesty and privacy. The same associations are true for clothing as a dream symbol. As such, the act of cutting your housemate's clothes in this dream vision could be an indication of animosity between the two of you. Destroying her clothes with scissors can point to the possibility that you may be accused of ruining her reputation or making her look bad in front of others. Perhaps this is also a projection of your enmity towards her. Even if you do not acknowledge these negative feelings or you are hiding your distaste in reality, her subconscious may be showing her this dream scenario as a form of catharsis or a release of her or your thinly veiled anger and contempt.

Symbolically, scissors represent two opposing views or points of conflict you could have recently become a part of. The notion of them being stuck in your teeth indicates that it would be something you have expressed verbally in regards to someone’s actions or behavior. Others might not like your opinion or views, that is why you are feeling worried and concerned about the fact that other people disagree with your account on things that are questionable, arguable or indicative of your personal input disliked or rejected by others.

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