Sea surface Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Sea surface explained:

Large bodies of water, like a sea or the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize your unconscious and your emotions.

Water is your emotional state so if the sea is rough or dirty signify how we feel at the given moment. If you are lost at sea suggest that you are unable to sea the bigger picture and need some direction. Sea can mean See, are you not seeing something properly.

Calm and peaceful sea in your dream predicts periods of good weather and favorable environmental conditions for things you are intending to do or plans involving travel.

May symbolize your own mineral, plant, and animal energy.

Dreaming about being on the sea surface symbolizes ruined expectations because having lots of carnal pleasures in your life may lead to spiritual emptiness, which can be very difficult to deal with.

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  2. Raging sea - Looking at or being on the raging sea is a bad sign of looming troubles which may occur in your life, areas such as workplace or inside your family circle. This dream points to your concerns related t... Learn More!
  3. Stormy sea - Having a dream about stormy or raging sea is a warning sign to pay attention and be prepared for potential troubles which may come from sources you would least expect. These issues may be caused by yo... Learn More!
  4. Blue sea water - Looking at sea water blue or dark blue in color foretells a possibility of meeting with someone you know very well, which will bring joy and happiness as a result of the time spent together.... Learn More!
  5. Clear blue sea - Seeing clear blue sea in your dream foretells joy and happy existence you will experience in your life for a long time.... Learn More!
  6. Ships in the sea - Seeing ships sailing in the sea in your dream foretells possible hesitation and uncertainty you will go through when faced with some events or circumstances you did not expect to happen.... Learn More!
  7. Strong sea waves - Seeing strong sea waves in your dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times.... Learn More!
  8. Vast ocean surface - Dreaming that you find yourself in the middle of the ocean and observe its vast surface stretching towards the horizon could be a sign of forthcoming trips to distant places. For example, you could be... Learn More!
  9. Island in the sea - Seeing an island in the sea in your dream reveals a lack of support and help from people when you need it. If you experienced being stranded on this island, this dream indicates a possible mistake you... Learn More!
  10. Roaring sea waves - Hearing muffled roar of sea waves coming ashore in your dream is an indication of peaceful state of mind you have, but in the form of apathy and disinterest. It may be so that the most cherished dream... Learn More!

Sea surface

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