Security Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Security explained:

These are pretty basic dreams that suggest you need some security in your life. If you see a security guard or are need to be protected by one suggest you desire to be loved and protected.

May symbolize feeling vulnerable or insecure.

When you dream about being sexually assaulted, it could indicate that you are feeling helpless in the real world, when you are unable to control things which affect you in a negative way and when you cannot deal with the consequences you experience as a result. In case you have been through a similar episode in real life, it could be your subconscious way of dealing with the fear and abuse, which can exacerbate during more stressful periods. Since it was someone in charge who assaulted you, that could also mean you harbor a strong feeling of repulsion towards societal standards and rules, which could be a consequence of the way you were raised as a child and you feel violated by having to comply with certain rules and norms dictated by more powerful individuals.

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