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To dream about Seeing curtains explained:

Having new curtains in your home or apartment, probably because you are having a party or you want to change up the room's design, means you would soon welcome guests in your real-world residence. The visitors could either be expected or it could also be a surprise visit. If it is a surprise visit, then perhaps this visit would be an enlightening one as you would be updated about people you may have not seen in a long time. If it is expected, then you could learn a great deal from their life and travels.

The dream image of pink curtains, like in a girl's bedroom or perhaps a room with very feminine interior design, is a reflection of your promiscuous nature. You may tend to flirt with people you fancy, both in your social circle as well as strangers you meet at parties or similar events. This could eventually lead to romantic flings which would end in an eventual parting of ways and no real commitment. Depending on the other person's reaction, it may have no negative consequences or you may have to contend with serious issues.

Dreaming of seeing war and living near a war zone is a negative sign. It means you are about to experience periods of sadness and hardships, especially if you are a younger-aged person.

A dream in which you feel that you have encountered God has negative vibes. It could signify that you are about to become involved with a woman who's very despotic or who would rule you with an iron hand. Being in a relationship with her would only leave you feeling confined and miserable.

The imagery of silk curtains, hanging on your bedroom windows or neatly displayed on racks at the department store, refers to the possibility of acquiring a new property. You may get the funding you need to buy a new house or even to build your dream house. Your loan may be approved so you can finally move to a different residence or a generous relative may lend you the money for the down payment. Alternatively, housing prices would drop so you would be able to afford a bigger place.

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