Setting a trap for rats Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Setting a trap for rats explained:

May represent feeling deceived, confined, controlled or defeated.

Having a rat trap in your dream is a warning. There could possibly be a a robbery or theft in your home, committed by someone you know. This can happen because of your inattentiveness or inability to secure your valuables. Now may be the best time to check if you have your belongings in a safe place.

As a dream symbol, black rats, like the ones you see in filthy or unsanitary places like gutters and sewerage, generally convey negative interpretations just like the repulsive reaction they stir up in reality. Specifically, dead black rats are symbols of minor issues and inconveniences that can plague your day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, Norway rats or those big and fat black rats that roam fields, farmlands and breed beneath buildings represent bigger problems and dilemmas requiring immediate action otherwise they could become unmanageable.

A white rat is a dream symbol for an untrustworthy feminine presence. As such, having several white rats in a dream vision points to manipulative and deceitful women trying to take advantage of you. Maybe you have a tendency to easily fall for sweet and caring women because you are looking for nurturing and attentive maternal figures in reality, so once these types of women find out this weakness of yours, you could fall prey to their wily ways. Take care not to be too gullible or you could get into big trouble.

In general, seeing a rat's trap in apartment corners or under tables, or even as display in home improvement and pest control shops, is an indication of a potential robbery or burglary that could happen to you. This could be a result of your carelessness about home security. However, if there is no rat caught in those traps, then it means luck is on your side as you would be able to successfully dodge major controversies or rumors concocted by your rivals in hopes of damaging your credibility and good name.

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Setting a trap for rats

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