Shooting animals which got into a part o

Shooting animals which got into a part o Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Any animals that appears in your dream has some significance but can hold a different translation depending the type of animal and the context. It’s very possible that the animal holds the same characteristics as you? A dog holds a different symbolism then a elephant so to remember as much detail helps figure it out. Did the animal provoke you or attack you? Who was with you when it happened? To truly understand your animal dreams hop over to our dream forum and post it and out professionals will guide you to the right meaning. The animal might be instincts that you or others possess, for example a dog might suggest masculine behaviour.

Whoever is shooting can change up the meaning of the symbol completely. If you are shooting it shows anger at the target intended to hit. If you are the one being shot it might suggest the person shooting has it out for you. Shooting dreams usually have to do with emotions and anger.

Shooting ducks in dreams, while out hunting with a rifle or even just shooting plastic ducks at a carnival, means that your assumptions about someone may be partly or even completely wrong or groundless. For example, you may think a colleague is trying to sabotage you at work when in fact this person may be entirely consumed by their own tasks and responsibilities. He or she may even be defending you to others or singing you praises when you are not around. So try to get to know the person first before making any kind of judgment.

Shooting a group of bears in your dream, to hunt them with guns or shooting them with tranquilizers to keep them from attacking anyone, points to a satisfying victory for you. You may be dealing with influential enemies and your defenses are starting to buckle under the stress. Fortunately, slaughtering or neutralizing the bears with a shot refers to a combination of skill and luck in defeating your foes. The gun or weapon may also symbolize a secret weapon, maybe an authority figure, who would help you win.

Having a dream about some exotic animals you are looking at or encountering means that your most secret desires and wants will never come true.

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