Shopping for trinkets Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Shopping for trinkets explained:

Shopping, in general, may represent needs or desires that you are looking to fill. Perhaps you are “shopping around” -- considering your available choices in a decision you need to make. Consider the kind of store you are shopping in and if you will find what you need in this store. If not, maybe you are looking in the wrong place for something in waking life.

Dreaming about shopping for trinkets or things which are otherwise of little value is a symbol of hardships and difficulties for the entire family. You may soon have a hard time earning money to support your family, probably as a result of losing a job or failing in your business or current money-generating project. If you cannot address it immediately, it could mean an extended period of misery not only for you but also for those who depend on you.

To dream about shopping in bulk or in huge volumes, say at a warehouse store, is a forewarning that the seemingly peaceful and quite surroundings could camouflage an assortment of evil faces in various disguises. You must have the ability to distinguish the good from the rotten, so to speak. Otherwise, you could end up succumbing to their sinister schemes and therefore losing your bid to succeed.

To dream about bargain shopping or buying merchandise which was on sale in order to maximize your money's worth is a positive indication of a happy and fulfilling romantic relationship. Being a wise and cunning shopper in this dream also signifies your expert take on love. You know what makes your romantic partner tick, and you would build on that aspect to make the person love you even more.

Dreaming about going shopping for fun is a reflection of independence and self-sufficiency. You have learned and valued your freedom from a very young age. You are an empowered individual who can stand on your own with very little or no outside help. On a sad note, this same dream vision indicates that your current undertaking might cause you trouble or distract you from what you really want your life to eventually amount to.

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