Sick with asthma

Sick with asthma Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Having asthma attacks is a symbol of major change in your life. Something will happen that will cause a drastic transformation in your life, with a certain unpleasant outcome. It can also be a warning of developing a respiratory illness. Try to be more open to signs regarding your health when you have this vision to be more prepared.

To dream that you are sick with asthma, like gasping or gulping for breath while reaching out for your inhaler during a marathon race, could pertain to big changes ahead which are either positive or negative depending on the circumstances you could be experiencing at the time when the dream took place. It could be that the vision is preparing you to be flexible in adapting to these upcoming changes in your life, and implement the correct action. Try to be like the bamboo when you could always bend to where the wind is blowing, and not break during sudden moves or changes in the wind direction.

A dream of overcoming asthma is a symbol of success. You will soon overcome all hindrances to your plans and realize your dreams or goals in life.

Dreaming that you are being sick, like seeing yourself pale, weak and confined to a hospital bed while friends are visiting you, could mean possible health problems that you are unaware of and which could be manifesting. The dream could be advising you to take better care of you health, an area that you may be neglecting in your waking life and that you should address any issues as soon as possible. Alternatively, there could be a possibility of having unpleasant or difficult conversations with someone from your office or a friend about a challenging situation that is causing you or them anxiety.

If you see your father in a dream as having been sick or admitted to a hospital due to sickness, it could be suggestive that you are deeply concerned about some intriguing, unresolved issue which you could be currently facing, which is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety that is so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind, it is not leaving your attention.

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