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To dream about Sinking explained:

Most dreams we are sinking in water and water is representation of our emotions. You might be going deeper and deeper into your emotions that might cause distress.… If you are sinking with more control suggest you are not afraid to explore areas of your emotions.

Dreaming of cracked earth and sinking ground, such as the devastation caused by an earthquake, alludes to threats lurking in the real world. News of problems and calamities from far-flung places may affect your existence in negative ways. Perhaps your community or social circle is on edge due to bad news from around the world and they are acting defensive and overly sensitive. Rescuing the dog and the baby from danger means that your loved ones may lean on you during this period of uncertainty and upheaval. Your yearning for stability and level-headed nature could save them not only from external harm, but also from their personal demons.

Sinking down into a deep pool or puddle of mud, even though it may seem to be a negative symbol on the surface, actually reveals the possibility of exciting, beneficial events taking place in the near future. Once these situations have come to pass, you are likely to find multiple improvements taking place in certain aspects of your life. This would make you happier, healthier, wealthier or more satisfied with your lot than you were before.

Having a dream about observing or looking at a sinking boat often is a symbol of a significant ending. You could currently have an important love affair, romantic relationship, partnership or project. The dream foretells that such relationship or business is about to end. You might accept the fact and let it happen or you might try to prevent it from crumbling. In this case, you might start intervening and take action to save it.

Dreaming about a sinking ship could signify failure. You could be lacking competence, efficiency, self-esteem or self-confidence. These personal characteristic might be negatively affecting those who surround you. You could also fear failure and act as if you have failed already. This attitude is most likely minimizing your winning chances. Alternatively, you might have a subconscious fear of drowning due to the absence of swimming skills. Each of these possible meanings represent a temporary state, rather than a permanent one.

Dreaming about observing or being in a sinking rescue boat usually is a sign of existing or looming adversity. If you have a circle of intimate and close friends, one of these individuals could soon start causing you great grief and disappointment. Thus, the dream could serve as a forewarning. Although you might be needing their support and friendship, you could still benefit from re-evaluating your relationship with each of them and try to learn more about their true feelings and intentions.

Dreaming that a horse is sinking in a swamp may reveal that there is hard work ahead of you. That is, you may be about to start a strenuous and demanding activity, project or task. Such occupation will require a great amount of effort, time and energy. You may have to fully commit yourself to it.

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