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To dream about Snake bites explained:

Any type of biting in your dreams you receive in your dream is not the best symbol. Dreams of this nature points to the animistic side of human beings. Usually being bitten warns us to be careful of our surroundings. If you are the one getting bitten suggests that somebody in your walking life poses great danger to you. It’s possible that you feel vulnerable emotionally and physically in your walking life. If you are the one doing the biting this means that you are putting up a defense mechanism so nobody can get in. When we get bit by an insect or an animal donates that you are having trouble dealing with an difficult issue. If a vampire is biting you means that you have get rid of the people that drain you in life. That person is taking away your energy and is bad for your health.

Snakes are one of the oldest dream symbols that have been interpreted for over thousands of years. Did the snake bit you? Can that mean somebody in your life right now is cunning and dangerous? If not then the snake could be areas of personality that can attack soon. Not all snake dreams are but good. These dreams could represent a change in your life, a rebirth and transformation.

Having a dream where you are bitten by a snake may serve as a warning that people who are filled with jealousy are making plans against you. They may be envious of your material possessions and seek to ruin you financially, or they may desire to have the influence and charisma you have, spreading rumors to humiliate you in front of others. The unusual positioning of the snake may indicate that these rivals are willing to do anything in their power to bring you down. You should be careful and take precautions to safeguard yourself.

Seeing a snake's eye and being hypnotized by it is a warning against heartless people. Some powerful and merciless individuals are giving you their attention at the moment, and are possibly watching your move. Be more careful and beware of any cunning ploy that may be planned to bring you down.

A black snake, in the context of a dream vision, suggests there would be hard times ahead. You are likely to encounter some challenging obstacle or difficult period of time that would test your patience, resolve and dedication to whatever goal you are currently working toward. You may have to exert an especially strong effort in order to overcome what stands in your way.

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Snake bites

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