Someone helping to climb a wall Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Someone helping to climb a wall explained:

How are you climbing? This dream relates to your current life’s movements. Weather you are struggling or making it up easy suggest how you are going by on life.

A wall clock in your dream likely serves to remind you not to take anything for granted. You may be too focused on trivial and worldly things. Or perhaps you are too wrapped up in work and duties that you oftentimes miss out on appreciating the small pleasures of day-to-day existence. There is also a possibility that you would neglect your friends and family in pursuit of your dreams. Perhaps you need to think about your priorities and the essential things, otherwise you could end up alone and miserable. Alternatively, the wall clock could also signal an unexpected event that has the potential to lead you to a completely different path.

A stone wall in dreams often alludes to insurmountable obstacles existing in reality. Specific details about this dream imagery may provide more specific interpretations. For example, standing behind a stone wall could be an indication of your persistence and strong character which would make people respect you for it. On the other hand, if you see seemingly endless stone walls in your path, then it means you would likely encounter serious challenges on your way to achieving an important goal.

A clean wall, regardless of its color, is a dream symbol associated with choices or an important decision in reality. You may soon face a crossroad in your life which would require you to decide on a significant matter. This is well within your capabilities and control, but this would ultimately have the potential of drastically changing the course of your life. In a sense, the clean wall may symbolize a clean slate or a chance to start again.

Dreaming of a white wall reveals your fixation on specific dreams and ambitions. You have probably been focusing on those goals for a long time now, though you may have not taken concrete steps yet to actually accomplish or achieve them. If the wall is intact and in pristine condition, then this means you have not made concerted efforts to realize your dreams perhaps because you have a fear of failure. On the other hand, if there are imperfections, then you may have faced disappointments along the way but you are still trudging on.

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