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May represent your natural talents, gifts and creativity.

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A boil on your skin

Discovering a boil or boils on your skin, possibly while showering or just generally while inspecting your bare skin, portends the possibility of spending a fun or even crazy night out at a party or s...

Son dying on the water

Whether this woman was you or just an image conjured by your subconscious, this vision is highly ominous in nature and should be considered a warning to carefully consider your future actions. Pumpkin...

Making out with the boyfrien'd's best friend at school

Dreaming about dating someone in secret indicates some feelings of uneasiness or distress. Awkward romantic situations in a dream, such as becoming involved with someone you should not, predict doing ...

A very long balcony

Dreaming about standing on a lengthy or extended balcony could be taken as a negative sign. It indicates that you are the recipient of vacant promises and botched expectations. This would lead you to ...

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