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To dream about Spending time at a restaurant explained:

Having a dream where you have lost time, such as when you are working and do not realize how much time has past or when you are unable to get things done in the time allotted, means you have recently been in a situation where you have missed a good opportunity to advance yourself. Dreams of lost time can represent feelings of disappointment or frustration with this situation, especially because it is likely you missed this chance due to your own negligence. You may blame yourself for having a lazy, indolent nature or your habit of procrastination.

Being in a restaurant or a diner in a dream may be a metaphor for being served or serving others. It may also suggest that you are seeking emotional or spiritual nourishment, or food for thought.

The time of day in a dream may be just as significant to us as the time of the day in waking life. Sometimes you may not be aware of the time of day in a dream and that would probably be because it is not important to what is happening in the dream. If, however you do notice the time of day, you should consider it as significant.

Just like The Doctor in Doctor Who, you may have a wide array of personality traits that could make you seem like a different person depending on who you are interacting with. This could be confusing and maybe even irritating to your close friends and family members. More importantly, you may be acting this way without even realizing you are doing it.

A cheap restaurant as a dream symbol points to financial difficulties. The restaurant may be perceived as cheap because of the poor quality of its food, the terrible service or the dirt-cheap prices on their menu. In a sense, the state of the restaurant likely reflects the struggle you would soon experience because of money problems. You could encounter job instability or pay for an emergency situation so that you end up depleting your savings. As such, prepare to be extra strict in following a tight budget at least temporarily.

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