Spider Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Spider explained:

A spider is said to be aspects of the feminine and creative energy. Spiders are smart insects that have the ability to make a web wait patiently for the prey to fall into the trap. If the spider bites you than its possible you have been or will be effected by a feminine force.

Seeing a spider on a spider web is a symbol of harboring some negative experiences from the past which are still haunting you to this day.

Experiencing a dream when you see a spider biting you or someone else symbolizes becoming a victim of treachery as well as failures at workplace because of your competitors who are trying to interfere with your work progress.

Having a dream about a very small spider signifies having to deal with a lot of minuscule, but annoying and demanding issues you will have to face and eventually solve.

Killing a spider in your dream indicates a successful defeat of enemies or people who tend to disagree with your way of thinking. It can also signify ability to disprove rumors or allegations you may face in the future.

Top Most Related Dreams to Spider

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  1. Many spider webs - Seeing yourself surrounded by a lot of spiders in their spider webs can be a sign of unexpected favorable conditions or circumstances, such as improvements in your health, good luck and unexpected sup... Learn More!
  2. Tarantula spider - Seeing a tarantula spider in your dream is an indication of upcoming serious conversation with someone which you have been avoiding for quite a while.... Learn More!
  3. Spider in general - Dreaming about spiders in general is an indication of presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or acts as an energetic vampire in relation to you. It can also be a sign of rigid ... Learn More!
  4. Catching a spider - Dreaming about catching a spider is a sign of addition of a baby boy to your own family or a family of people who are close to you.... Learn More!
  5. A gigantic spider - Dreaming about a spider of a gigantic size is a warning about possible confrontation or conflict with evil, cunning or authoritarian person. This dreams may also be telling you that people surrounding... Learn More!
  6. Spider on the wall - Seeing a spider crawling on the wall is a prediction of misfortune and inability to solve issues related to important things in your life.... Learn More!
  7. Spider weaving a web - Seeing a spider weaving a spider web in your dream is a good sign of receiving money or being financially reimbursed for the work you have been doing and expect to get paid for.... Learn More!
  8. Swallowing a spider - Dreaming about swallowing or eating a spider portends misfortune or periods of unhappiness entering your life.... Learn More!
  9. Clearing spider webs - Seeing yourself clearing your room or your house from spider webs, for example with a broom, signifies upcoming lengthy litigation or court proceedings you are about to face.... Learn More!
  10. Killing a huge spider - Being able to kill a huge spider chasing you while you were trying to escape is a good sign of getting on the right path and making decisions that will greatly benefit you.... Learn More!

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