Standing by an open window Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Standing by an open window explained:

Depending if the window is open or closed changes what the meaning could imply. If it is open it is considered a positive symbol that suggests freedom, choices and new opportunities. If it is closed that it could mean you are closed minded or trapped in some aspect mentally.

May suggest seeing things from a wider perspective.

An open door, in the context of a dream, is a symbol that represents the mutual love and respect between you and someone else in reality. In some cases, this can be the manifestation of romantic bliss between spouses, partners, lovers or friends. It can, however, also reveal the understanding and reciprocity that exists between you and a close friend or co-worker. Additionally, this same image of an open door can be taken as a good indication for women that they are about to embark on a new love affair or, for men, that they would become involved with a mistress.

Dreaming about an open coffin or one which is ajar or only half open has negative connotations. It could portend the demise of a loved one or someone who is a close friend or family member.

An open car trunk is a sign of making a very risky or shaky business decision. You could be involved in an endeavor that is not destined to bring good results. This can also be a sign that you will receive some news that will surprise you.

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