Standing on top of a waterfall Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Standing on top of a waterfall explained:

Watching a waterfall or observing rapid waters flowing at a great speed warns of a frightening encounter. You might soon be faced with an unpleasant experience that might have a profound effect on you.

May symbolize feeling its time to let go or go with the flow.

Dreaming about seeing a mountain top speaks about having the best of what life has to offer. You would reach the height of your dreams out of sheer luck, by virtue of inheritance or as a result of your very own hard work. You could be in the top of your class, the boss of your company, the chairman of your civic organization, the owner of your business, or the main implementer of a project. This dream vision indicates that you actually like holding positions of power and assuming huge responsibilities.

Observing standing water in your dream, such as in a ditch or a pit, tells of being faced with unfavorable events. You might have to deal with scandals or unfortunate events in the future. It can also mean that you could have conflict either with people who are close to you or with someone you just met for the first time.

Envisioning a waterfall that you perceive as particularly small or unimpressive may reveal some points of dissatisfaction or annoyance with your current romantic partner. Things may not be progressing at the rate you would like, or maybe the two of you seem to be moving in opposite directions and growing apart. If you felt that you were standing below the fall or recognized the sensation of the water rushing over you, it is possible you are leaning towards breaking up with this individual and trying to move on. Soaking or wading in the waters that pool below the falls could predict a long, drawn-out conversation with this man or woman that would leave you feeling drained and unable to muster any motivation or desire to save the relationship.

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Standing on top of a waterfall

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