Stung by a bee

Stung by a bee Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A queen bee may symbolize a dominant or controlling woman.

To dream of seeing or observing a dead bee predicts a slump in your financial affairs. There is a possibility that you would have a hard time earning money due to a low-paying job or minimal business or income-generating opportunities caused by the global economic crisis. On the other hand, it may have something to do with emergency spending or a failure to save for future contingencies. The same dream vision might indicate that you could be going through a complicated and trying situation which has just emerged and requires your immediate attention.

Dreaming of finding a crushed bee, say under the sole of your foot or shoe, speaks of a painful betrayal or abandonment. Your trusting nature could do you in sooner or later. Some people might take advantage of your brazen openness and would not hesitate to betray you to save their skin. Your leniency might be used as a lame excuse by your spouse or partner to be unfaithful and cheat on you. This dream is a reminder that you should hold back a little bit and retain some of that respect for yourself.

Dreaming that you are being stung by a bee symbolizes small favors. You could soon receive a negligible monetary incentive or cash gift, a minuscule reward, or a tiny profit for doing a good deed or making an investment, regardless of its magnitude. Seen in a different light, this dream could be a metaphor for your immunity from persecution, harm and injustice which your enemies or adversaries might inflict upon you to try to destroy you. For female dreamers, this vision indicates that their dream of becoming a biological mother could be coming true. They might be having a baby soon.

Being bitten or stung by a wasp in the context of a dream vision often means you are soon to be separated from or may soon part ways with someone you currently spend a lot of time with and enjoy the company of in reality. Some interpretations of this symbol suggest this split could be due to differences of opinion or some sort of fight, but others indicate this could simply be due to physical distance or a general growing apart as your lives take different paths.

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