Swimming competitively Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Swimming competitively explained:

Swimming suggests that you are in sync with your unconscious (the ocean), you listen to it in your waking life and are receptive to its creative powers .

Could you be exploring a deep part of your emotions right now? Water represents our emotions so what was your swimming dream like? Did you have trouble or where you enjoying it? Where are you swimming and who where you with? These types of questions to ask help you find out what could be the real meaning of your water dream.

Seeing a swimming dog in the pool or some other body of water in your dreams is a sign that you will have some lucky circumstances. It can also mean you will experience success in completing current projects.

Dreaming about swimming while trying to defeat or challenge someone could be a symbol of your ambitions. Namely, you could be too ambitions and have unrealistic ideas about what you can actually achieve. In the future, such tendency could be the cause of disappointment and grief.

Dreaming about swimming naked could be a symbol of your high self-esteem and confidence. You tend to trust your skills and ability to solve any difficult problem or situation you come across. You might also feel that you are in charge of your life and are responsible for its positive and favorable outcomes.

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  2. Swimming on land - Dreaming about swimming on dry land, that is, in the absence of water, is a negatively charged sign. Namely, your current task, project or business could only be successfully completed at a great cost... Learn More!
  3. Alligator swimming - If you dream of alligator swimming towards you or trying to sneak up on you while it's in a body of water, then it could be a warning that you may have some unfavorable circumstances coming your way o... Learn More!
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  5. Swimming backwards - Dreaming about swimming backwards is a symbol of illusions. Specifically, you could be deluding yourself in regards to your progress. You might think that you are closer to achieving your objectives a... Learn More!
  6. Swimming in blood - Dreaming of seeing yourself swimming in a pool of blood means you are about to encounter some incredible events or extraordinary situations that will surprise you because you were not expecting these ... Learn More!
  7. Swimming in a lake - Swimming in a lake, perhaps during daytime as a way of cooling off from the summer heat, usually means that you are trying to impress someone or earn the trust of powerful and influential people. This... Learn More!
  8. Swimming with others - Dreaming about swimming alongside other people represents be a positive sign. It could reveal that your closer friends are reliable and worthy of your trust. They will offer their help and support whe... Learn More!
  9. Swimming under water - Dreaming about swimming under water, that is, below the water’s surface, could be a sign of uncertainty. More specifically, you might be experiencing some doubts, concerns and hesitations. You could b... Learn More!
  10. Swimming and diving - Dreaming about diving while swimming in the water or of observing yourself doing so is a negative sign. Specifically, you could be considering embracing a new project, business or activity. However, s... Learn More!

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