Swimming up the river

Swimming up the river Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

The calmness of a river in your dream indicates your movement, enjoyment and relaxation in life. You are mellow and just allowing life to take its course. You should try and decide what you want in life so you could be more controlling of what happens in it. Taking a bath in the river symbolizes cleansing of your emotions, mind and spirit. If you dream of crossing a river it signifies that you are going to overcome an emotional block in order for you to progress. If water in the river is rough or muddy it represents you in distress and feeling overwhelmed. Your emotions seem to be going haywire along with your life. Instead of hiding from the problem, tread through the waters and just keep swimming until you overcome it. If you see red in the water it symbolizes feelings of inexperienced rage or intimacy that is ready to let loose.

Swimming suggests that you are in sync with your unconscious (the ocean), you listen to it in your waking life and are receptive to its creative powers .

Could you be exploring a deep part of your emotions right now? Water represents our emotions so what was your swimming dream like? Did you have trouble or where you enjoying it? Where are you swimming and who where you with? These types of questions to ask help you find out what could be the real meaning of your water dream.

Looking at or focusing on river sand, maybe as you are picking up rocks or fishing in the river, is a reflection of your current journey towards self-improvement. More specifically, this has to do with improving your outward appearance. Maybe you would start going to the gym and be more physically active to attain your ideal body shape. Or you may start caring more about skincare products after you start noticing that you have neglected your own wellness and begin to look like the best version of yourself.

Standing in proximity or observing an expansive river in your dream is symbolic of the sexual fantasies which you possess but are too diffident or introverted to tell your sexual partner about. The mere idea of sharing these thoughts with your partner causes you much embarrassment and makes you feel uncomfortable.

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