Tail Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize someone or something that follows behind.

When you dream of growing a tail, it indicates that there is something or someone from your past that you are still hanging on to. It could also mean that someone is following you, you are being “tailed.” On the other hand, if you see the tail of an animal in your dream it refers to emotions attached to a situation or person. If the tail is wagging then it denotes joy, while it it is between legs then it signifies fright or shame.

If you dream of only seeing a bird's tail when the rest of its body is not showing or is somehow blocked or hidden from the view, it may increase the likelihood of experiencing the consequences of a wrongful act you have done in the past. You may have to pay for what you did by facing some serious consequences and repercussions. You may refer to it as bad karma since your questionable behavior from the past might affect you negatively at present time.

A dream vision in which the tail or skin of a bull strike you as an important detail, such as when you see them hanging on a wall at a farmer’s home or worn by a hunter like a trophy, is a sign foretelling that in the upcoming future you could receive an outstanding inheritance. It could be in the form of money, real estate or any other kind of material goods, but most likely be significant in any case. However, be aware that it is impossible to pinpoint beforehand whose death would have brought you such a great profit. The benefactor could be a total stranger or anonymous admirer but the possibility of a close relative or friend passing away is possible as well.

To see a dog wagging its tail while you are talking to or petting it is a sign that you are about to have a reunion with friends you hold dear to you or people from your past whom you haven't seen for quite some time and love to reminisce about.

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