Tapestry Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

When you dream of a tapestry it indicates your history and experiences in life. It symbolizes your ability to find pleasure in a lavish lifestyle.However, if the tapestry is torn or damages in any manner, it signifies your inability to please yourself. For some reason you cannot make yourself happy and you are unable to attain your desires in life.

May symbolize an overview of life experiences a review from the past to the present.

Observing a beautiful tapestry in a dream, especially when viewed as art, indicates the desire for a luxurious life. This type of dream represents yearning for material possessions, particularly those of high value, and financial security. It could also be a reflection of your intention to court and eventually marry someone who has inherited or accumulated wealth, so you could basically achieve the same goal. Subconsciously you may even be considering possible marriage candidates who meet or exceed your preferred income level, although it may be wise to consider all aspects before getting in too deep.

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